More Stoked Than Stoked

Banff Avenue - Cascade Mountain
Cascade Mountain – We’re coming for you. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve spent the bulk of my day thinking about, planning, and pulling things together for my big adventure.

I still can’t believe I leave on Monday. From the moment Rick notified me of his win, to the last day of the fundraiser, and yes even up until this very moment – just over 36 hours before I board the plane for Calgary1 – it still seems like a giant dream2.

What I find even harder to believe is the fact that Rick and I will be climbing the first mountain – Cascade Mountain – on Tuesday. For those curious, the trek is estimated to take 10 to 12 hours, and the summit is at 9836 ft above sea level.

Based on my previous mountain climbing experiences, 9000 ft is usually where one starts to feel the effect of altitude. I know for me that’s the case. Fortunately, both Rick and I have been in high altitude situations before, so I know we’ll be able to manage.

Ice axes! W00t!

Anyway, as I said, I’ve spent the day getting some things organized for the adventure. Rick has done the same – making a trip to Mountain Equipment Co-op to pick up some necessary equipment as outlined in our trip package materials. This includes a new backpack, water bladder, and headlamp for me.

Fortunately we don’t need to buy everything as it would get slightly expensive. Banff Lake Louise Tourism has told us that they will provide us with the following (should we need them): crampons, ice axes, and a sit harness.

All of these things make me smile like an idiot. Crampons? Ice axes? Sit harnesses? Sweet baby Jesus these climbs are going to be amazing.

I am freaking stoked. So stoked, that the word stoked doesn’t really fully explain in any adequate way how stoked I truly am.


1 Not that I’m counting or anything.

2 If it is, I hope I don’t wake up until the adventure is over because it’s going to be awesome.


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