Counting Down The Hours

I tell time in the language of nerds.

In just over 12 hours I’ll be jumping into a Red Car taxi to head to the airport. In just over 15 hours I’ll be safely on board my WestJet flight to Calgary with seatbelt buckled, tray & chair both in their upright position, and all electronic devices securely stowed beneath me or in the overhead compartment above. In fact, in just over 15 hours I’ll probably be listening to the flight attendants as they give me the rundown of the safety features of the aircraft.

Sadly, I’m so excited about my trip I’m pretty sure I won’t hear a word they say.

Fortunately this is not my first flight and I’m rather confident that if I need to respond to a serious emergency, I’ll do so with an appropriate sense of style, decorum, and logic1, 2.

Photos like this are a given. What other pics are you hoping to see?

This means that I have only a few hours left in which to finish packing all of the various things that I need for my 9 day mountain climbing adventure, and only a few hours to wrap up several work-related loose-ends. Most of those loose-ends are related to the course that I’ll be teaching this semester3. Fortunately they aren’t very taxing so I plan to make quick work of them before I head to bed.

But work-related things are not the point of this post, especially given the fact that I technically started vacation the minute I left the office on Friday.

Instead, this preamble is all a rather long and winding build up to the point of this post. As you all know, Rick and I will be climbing three epic mountains. We’ll also be hiking around Banff and Lake Louise on our non-mountain-climbing and non-massage-getting days. And of course we’ll be taking many photos because the mountains are just too damn amazing not to photograph. There will be jump shots, and pictures of us overlooking vast expanses of nature. There will probably be silly and ridiculous photos. There may even be some cl-ass-y photos5.

But, dear readers, what photos do you want to see? What shenanigannery should we get up to? We’re looking for any ideas. Serious, thought-provoking, hilarious, dangerous-looking but not really dangerous6, cl-ass-y.

I can’t promise that we’ll do everything that you might suggest, but we’ll give it our best.

1 In other words, I’m likely to piss myself and cry like a baby.

2 As an aside, some people have asked me in the past whether or not I label myself as Dr. when I purchase a flight. In short – no. In the event of a medical emergency, I don’t want anyone wasting time coming to me to say “Doctor, Doctor, someone’s bleeding from their left phalange4. Please help us.”

3 A third year Computer Science course titled Systems Design and Analysis in Application.

4 I assume this is a medical emergency. I really have no idea. I’m a Doctor of Statistics dammit, I’m not an expert on phalanges.

5 There may even be – Pffft. You know these are going to happen.

6 Because my mom would be most upset if I did anything dangerous.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Great! It’s good to know that some people in real life really take out time, money and energy to catch the fun they crave! Stay safe. Get shots of the buildings below (if there are any close by), get shots of the sky, especially when the clouds play around with either themselves or the sun. Take shots of yourselves in all the kits. Be creative with the shots, like you want to make a documentary out of the trip. Be sure to enjoy and be back in one piece without any regrets. Counting down the hours with you! Smiles!

    1. dangillis says:

      Buildings – check.
      Sky – absolutely check.
      Clouds – hells ya – especially if we happen to be above them, which may very well be the case.

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    I always book my flights as “Dr” because I want to see if it will ever lead to me being upgraded to first class. So far, it had not happened, but I haven’t given up hope.

    Also, if someone said, “someone’s bleeding from their left phalange”, the correct responses would be “actually, the singular of phalanges is phalanx” and then, “which one?” The latter would be asked because you have 28 of phalanges and the former would be stated because I’m a douchebag. I’m a bone scientist by training, so I know these things. Tee hee – bone scientist.

    Now, on to the main question of the posting – what kind of photos should you take? I’ve already put in my order for photos of you two in front of signs saying that you shouldn’t do something while you doing the thing that it says not to do, so we’ve got that covered. I’d also like to see some epic yoga photos in front of majestic scenery. Man, I haven’t been to the Rockies in a few years – I miss it. Soooo beautiful! Also, something with funny hats.

    1. dangillis says:

      Wow. Awesome comment. And by awesome comment, I mean to say that what resonates with me after all of this is “bone scientist”. HA!

      You really need that on a t-shirt.

      Yoga pics – done.
      Funny hats – I’ll see what we can do.

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