What We Do For Magnets

Simply put – a most unbelievable and breathtaking display of natural beauty.

As part of the Big Mountain Challenge prize, Rick and I were afforded the opportunity to spend some time at the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse. This included a fantastic lunch and some time to chat with Suzanne, the owner.

I spent the morning lounging around in bed given that I woke up at 4:45 am. This is what happens when I crawl into bed around 10:00 pm. Because I’m a nice guy, I opted not to wake Rick with a flying elbow (although I was very tempted – . You are welcome Rick). Honestly though, I knew there would be no point1 as breakfast wouldn’t be served for almost 2 hours, and dude needs his beauty sleep.

A shot of Lake Agnes – near the end of the hike.

When I finally crawled out of bed I opened the curtains to a most spectacular and almost unbelievable vision. In fact, I almost didn’t believe what I was seeing: the end of a rainbow2 dipping into the lake. And then nature went and one-upped herself by snowing. It was surreal. As if the regular Lake Louise view wasn’t amazing enough, Mother Nature opted to throw in a rainbow and snow. Amazing!

We stared at the vision before us for a few minutes (as at this point I told Rick to get out of bed to see what I was seeing3) before heading out for breakfast. During breakfast we chatted about our upcoming hike and about something known as the Lake Louise Highline Teahouse Challenge – a challenge Rick discovered on the Real Banff website4,5. If we were to complete this challenge we would receive two magnets (one per teahouse) that would combine to form one larger magnet which declares to the world that the owner of said magnet just completed the Teahouse Challenge. Clearly this was something we had to do.

My shiny new magnets.

And we did. And we received our magnets. And it was good.

We also got to spend an awesome day hiking around the lake and taking in the beauty that is Lake Louise. The food at the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse was fantastic – and getting a hot beverage was definitely on order given we were a bit chilled by the snow that was falling. Chatting with Suzanne was also fantastic – learning about the history of the teahouse (her parents bought it off of CPRail many years ago), and watching her multitask as she put together about 15 orders. Definitely a highlight to our day.

Who knew teahouses could be so much fun?

1 Other than tormenting him. Ha!

2 Actually, a double rainbow.

3 Part of this had to do with the fact that I wasn’t sure if I could actually trust my eyes. Only a few nights before I stopped stone cold when I stepped outside to a vision of rainbows surrounding all of the lights that I could see, including the moon. This was like nothing I’d ever seen before – and the rainbows were huge – with a radius about the size of 6 moons. It was incredible. Sadly, Rick did not see this. Nor did anyone else. It was after our spa day, so I’m going to blame it on being uber relaxed and not on the more likely culprit – my silly eyes.

4 For anyone travelling this direction, check out the website. It has everything you could ever want to know about Banff, Lake Louise and the surrounding areas. Our contact from Real Banff – Jeff – is absolutely awesome, so be sure to look him up.

5 The challenge – scheduled to start September 1 – involved hiking to both of the Lake Louise teahouses – the aforementioned Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse, and the Lake Agnes Teahouse – a distance of approximately 14 kilometres. On arrival at each of the teahouses, we could register for the challenge and would be awarded one half of a larger Teahouse Challenge magnet.


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