And So The Delirium Begins

Being watched while I have my sad breakfast on the stairs.

I’m beginning tonight’s post with the assumption that it will be a short one. Of course, I reserve the right to ramble on aimlessly about nothing and everything for the sole purpose of procrastinating.

You see, dear readers, I have a mountain of stuff to finish for tomorrow but delirium began setting in about an hour ago. It’s not that I’m terribly tired – in fact, I’d say I’m not even close to exhausted – but I have been staring at the computer and working some serious brain-thoughts all day.

Note: brain-thoughts are the most complex of all the thoughts. True story. You should write that down. It’s probably one of those scientific laws of science.

This workstation is probably not ergonomically correct.

The delirium might also be a function of working in my condo. You see, after the great floods of 2012, doing anything in my condo is filled with just a touch of the sad.

Eating breakfast on my stairs? Sad.

Using a coffee table as chair for my makeshift workstation? Sad. 

Eating leftover fries and gravy? Possibly sad. 

Oh, they’re leftover from Saturday night you say – so sad.

But fear not dear readers; I’m not actually sad. Dinner did include bacon, and that’s always a happy thing. Granted, it was leftover bacon. But there was also pie. Peach, blueberry, and raspberry pie. And if that isn’t a giant slice of happy-in-pie-form, than I don’t know what is.

Although I realize now that it was my last piece of pie.

Maybe I am sad.


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