Healthy Indulgence?

Sunset from downtown – on my way to the Baker Street Station.

I’m writing this post while enjoying some salt and pepper chicken wings at The Baker Street Station (@BakerStStation if you’re on the Twitter).

For those who haven’t been to the Baker Street Station – ZOMG why haven’t you been here? Honestly, this restaurant/pub is one of the reasons I absolutely love this city. Awesome food, great beer, and a staff that is absolutely fantastic1. Oh, and have I mentioned the food? I’ll have to admit that the wings and the onion rings are probably my favourite dishes, but I’ve also had their PLT, their mussels, clams, frites, and so many other things – and every single order has been superb. Every. Single. Order.

But this post is not so much about Baker Street. Okay, it’s not only about Baker Street.

You see, I realized today that I have only 30 days or so until my next scheduled marathon. EEP!

You might be thinking, No big deal, Dan. You’ve done this before, you’ll do it again.

While I’m sure this is true, the trouble is that I haven’t been training like I should. Yes I just got back from an epic week of hiking, and yes I’m still active. But I don’t feel that I’ve put in the time that is necessary for a marathon.

As such, I’ve got to give myself a kick in the ass and get back on track. No excuses. I have to do this. I’m so close to crossing off item #227 on my Not-So-Bucket-List list that I can’t stop. I must do this. MUST.

I realize that this is going to require a concerted effort to achieve my goal. I’ve got to get back into my schedule of regular running. I’ve got to eat better. I’ve got to work my ass off. I’ve got to give this my all.

Of course, having written that you’ll appreciate the smirk on my face when you realize that I’m sitting here gorging on the Baker Street Station’s salt and pepper chicken wings, and washing it all down with a very tasty Flying Monkey Smashbomb2.

The Baker Street Station – will they be my marathon achilles heal? Nah.

1 It also doesn’t hurt that they know how to do the Twitter. That is, they don’t try to sell me anything. Instead, they talk to me. Why does this matter? How often do you respond to someone selling something to you? And how often do you respond to someone who actually carries on a conversation that is meaningful to you? Exactly.

2 My favourite beer for those of you who haven’t been fortunate enough to try it. A very tasty beer indeed.


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