The Gravity Of Travel


Wanderlust 1.1. Best map in the history of maps.

It’s officially 2 weeks since I returned home from adventuring with Rick and the Big Mountain Challenge. To be honest it feels like an eternity ago. Weird how that happens.

Since I managed to finish up the work that I needed to finish for tomorrow earlier than I expected to, I’ve been sitting here wanderlusting. Shocking, I know. While I always wanderlust after a vacation, I feel that the need1 to get away since my most recent adventure has been amazingly intense. This could be a function of needing to plan something crazy adventurous2, or it may be simply related to the fact that my house is a giant mess. Whatever the cause, the gravitational pull that is wanderlusting has been strong. Crazy strong.

Perhaps I just need a new challenge. Or perhaps I should just pick one of the random things on my Not-So-Bucket-List list and make it happen. Something to consider I guess.

Fortunately I’ll be heading to Ottawa this weekend to visit some friends. The plan is to get in some hiking, running, canoeing, and possibly swimming if the water isn’t too deathly cold. Of course, there will also be good food and some tasty microbrewed goodness. Surely this will quell at least some of the thoughts in my head that are suggesting that I sell everything and travel until my funds run out.

I guess we’ll know once the weekend is over. Until then, I’ll just keep dreaming of adventure filled shenanigans, and shenanigan filled adventures, because that’s what I do apparently.

1 Yes. Need. Not want. Need.

2 You know, beyond the Easter Seals Drop Zone Challenge3, the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, the Goofy Race, and any number of other races between now and January.

3 Have you donated yet? If not and you can spare some change, click on the logo over there in the top right corner of the page. Donating improves your dance moves. True story. Scienticians told me so.



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  1. OMG – how did you make that map? I love, love, LOVE it.

    1. dangillis says:

      I didn’t make it. Rob Leblanc made it for me. Because he’s awesome. 🙂

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