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So many colours!

Today was a lot of running around. Fortunately, save for meetings, it was the kind of running around that I considered fun.

Despite all of the fun, I’d be lying if I said that I came home in a perfect mood. In fact, I was cranky. I should clarify that my mood had nothing to do with the running around, and definitely had nothing to do with my class or my students. It had everything to do with my decision to allow myself to get upset about something out of my control. I’m not going to get into the specifics, but needless to say I wasn’t impressed with my mood or with myself for allowing it.

The strange thing – and I’m almost amazed that I’m about to write this – is that my bad mood almost instantly disappeared after I met with my insurance agent.

I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

My bad mood almost instantly disappeared after speaking with an insurance agent? That has to be the first time that has ever been written in the history of insurance agents. Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against insurance agents – but my dealings in the past have primarily been overwhelmingly negative. So you can understand my surprise when a conversation ended with me feeling what I can only describe as joy.

Clearly this is in relation to my condo and my recent flood. Without getting into specifics, I am now at the stage where repairs beyond the drywall can be planned – like paint and flooring and colour selections and backsplashes and lighting and countertops and laundry machines – oh my! That, dear readers, is super happy awesome fun time news. Because – if you haven’t been following along – I can’t stand clutter. It’s not just that I like order and find peace in a tidy home, it’s that clutter causes me stress. It represents chaos and lack of control – both of which can make me punchy and impatient and cranky. And I can’t stand me when I’m punchy and impatient and cranky.

Flash forward to now – I’m sitting on my bed with the wee fuzzball contemplating what I need to do with my condo, what I want to do with my condo, and how I’m going to try to cross off as many of the things that make up both lists as possible. I have started a remodelling spreadsheet, and I’m madly scouring the interwebs for estimates. I’m in full-on nerd mode. Clearly I am no longer cranky – far from it.

A non cranky Dan – so much better than the cranky version. I need to write that down, because it’s a truth that I shouldn’t forget.


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