Adieu Summer

Hello Autumn, you sexy cool beast.

Assuming the interwebs have not led me astray, tomorrow is the last full day of summer. Autumn arrives Saturday September 22nd at precisely 10:49am (Eastern Daylight Time). I’ll give you a minute to let that news soak in, and perhaps to grab a tissue to dab away the tears.

Oh Summer, it’s like we were just getting started. The warm nights together, the walks along the beach, the strolls through the parks, the patios, the fresh fruit and veggies, the short pants and tees, the condensation dripping down our beers as sweat dripped down our backs – so many wonderful things that we shared together.

But I’m not naive. We both knew this was coming. It was obvious. The chill in the air was the first sign that something was changing between us. Our time together, while fantastic, was growing shorter. Our days were clearly numbered.

And now here we are. You’re leaving in just over a day and we’re left behind with only our memories together. Bittersweet doesn’t adequately describe the current state of affairs.


It’s true. I love summer. Being the constantly freezing type of person that I am, the humidity and heat associated with the season is a thing of beauty. So you’ll understand that when summer ends I’m just a little sad. Don’t get me wrong – I love autumn. The colour, the crispness, the freshness of the air, the smells, the harvest, the pumpkin pie. Everything about autumn is fantastic, and it always makes me feel the need to spend time with friends and family; enjoying the simple pleasures of good music, good food, good drink, and good conversation.

But autumn is not quite summer – so you’ll forgive me for mourning the end of the current season. It’s not that I’m not happy to see the amazing display that is autumn, it’s just that I’m that sad that summer is coming to a close.

Don’t worry though folks, I’ll rebound from this loss. I’m pretty sure that mourning ends the minute pumpkin pie touches my lips1.

1 P.S. Mom – that’s a hint. I love pumpkin pie. Just sayin’. Oh, and while were listing things that I love, I should probably mention date squares. Cuz I love those too.


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