Road Tripping

Sun setting behind parliament (photo taken in May, 2012)

Today I opted for a wee change of pace from the typical day of working in my office. Did I relocate to a coffee shop? You betcha. But not just any coffee shop. In this case I’m sitting in the Second Cup on the corner of Bank Street and Somerset Street West in our nation’s capital. That’s right folks, I’m currently working away in Ottawa.

How did I find myself in Ottawa-town?

Well, earlier this week I decided that I needed – needed I says – to get away this weekend. The goal – visit some friends, get out of my house, and avoid work at all costs. If possible, I also wanted to get in some hiking or other out-of-door activities in order to fully capitalize on the last remaining moments of summer.

Shortly after that decision was made, I found myself chatting with my friend Matt. Before long, plans were in motion to head to Ottawa and possibly Gatineau – just across the QuebecOntario border. And because the universe decided to smile on me, my friend and School of Computer Science colleague Amanda was also venturing to Ottawa this weekend (for a conference). More specifically she was driving. Clearly a road trip was in order.

And so, at the crack of 6am this morning, Amanda and I grabbed some coffee from Starbucks and then set out on our trek across Toronto, past Kingston, and into the loving arms of Ottawa. Despite the grey and rainy skies, the city is just as awesome as when I last left it.

Amanda is currently settling in to conference mode. I’m happily reviewing some student assignment submissions, while enjoying the comings and goings of the fine people of Ottawa. And good lordy, there are some fine people in this town.

Working at a coffee shop in Ottawa while I watch the fine people of Ottawa walk by? Yup, that’s far superior than working in my office.


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  1. You were about 4 blocks from my office, but today is a day off for me. Boo! Let me know if you have time to meet up; we’d love to see you.

    1. dangillis says:

      Seriously? So close and yet so far. We’re heading to Quebec for the day. I may have some free time tomorrow – not sure when we’re getting back though. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Gorgeous picture of my home town! nothing like a change of setting for inspiration to strike. I hope you enjoyed la capitale!

    1. dangillis says:

      Thanks 🙂
      I love Ottawa. Every visit has been fantastic.

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