Cheeky Fun

Some bums are better than other bums.

After a rather relaxed morning, Matt, Monique and I headed into Aylmer Quebec. Our destination – Monique’s parents’ home. Our mission – canoe, kayak, swim, run, relax, have fun, eat, drink, and be merry. We accomplished all of these things save for swimming. As far as to do lists go, I think you would agree that we kicked this one’s ass.

Despite the fact that the day started off grey and rainy, Mother Nature decided to bless us with almost perfect canoeing and kayaking weather. While the sun wasn’t necessarily showing his face, and while the skies were anything but mostly blue, the temperature and winds were perfect. And so we strapped on our life jackets and were off; Matt and me in the canoe, Monique in the kayak. The canoeing was great – although there were a few moments where my lack of canoeing skills freaked me out ever so slightly. Mainly I was worried that something I might do would capsize us. As luck would have it that didn’t happen.

After our canoeing & kayaking adventure, and following a short run, we gathered in the house to relax and munch on various snacks-o-deliciousness. It was at this point that we opted to play a board game. Monique went off in search of a set of games. What she found was far better than any board. It was a deck of cards specifically designed for playing the game Asshole. Even better, each card had a picture of someone’s ass on it.

Sadly we didn’t get around to actually using the cards. Instead, we sorted through the deck looking for patterns. For example – did all female bums appear on certain cards? Did all good bums appear on better cards? The verdict in case you were wondering was no; no patterns were obvious. That isn’t to say they didn’t exist, just that we couldn’t see them.

Perhaps we were blinded by the various bums.


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