Could This Be The Best Day Ever?

My best day ever started with a trip to the market, and this awesome display of colour.

This afternoon I sat around and did a lot of nothing – despite my best intentions to finally sort through the pile of stuff that now calls my living room its home. To be honest, I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. I’ll do it tomorrow1.

Instead I sat around, snuggling with Elliot, and watching the show Departures on my trusty computer (which I’ve embedded below – should you not know what I’m talking about). I made a point of chatting with my parents2 as I won’t be heading home for the big Gillis family Thanksgiving turkey.

At some point I sent a quick text to a friend to see how he was spending the weekend. During the course of our conversation I mentioned that I wasn’t going to head home, so instead was going to go buy myself a pie and eat the entire thing – much like the pilgrims would have done3. Whilst LOL’ing my witty text, I happily discovered that my half-dozen bag-o-delicious-tasty-farmers’-marketdonuts were actually a half-dozen plus one.

This afternoon included a lot of this.

If you weren’t aware, free donuts taste way better than regular old pay-for-donut donuts. That’s a rule, you should write it down. I’ve purposely saved the extra donut for eating last4 because I want to savour the anticipation of the tastier donut.

So if you are keeping score, today was suddenly +1 donut. Could this have been the makings of the best day ever? You betcha.

Because, dear readers, it wasn’t shortly long after that when I received a message from a friend. Apparently said friend just so happened to have baked me a pie. Even better, said friend was on his way over to deliver said pie.

ZOMG! Warm pie. Warm. Apple. Cranberry. Pie. Squeeeeeee.

It’s like the Universe heard my declaration of spending tomorrow eating pie and thought it would intercede so that I might not have to even venture out of the house to obtain a pie for said Thanksgiving day gorging.

And then, before I knew it, said friend was at my door with an apple cranberry crumble topped pie. And it was still warm. I tried to remain cool, calm, and collected – far be it from me to let my friend know how truly giddy I was. But seriously, I’m sure it was obvious. Fresh pie. Still warm. Delivered to my door. How could I not be giddy?

Today’s score: +1 donut, +1 pie5. Clearly the best day ever. And clearly my list of things to be thankful for just grew by several items.

1 You know, tomorrow, the same day that most people begin their diet, start that exercise regime, or put off whatever could be done today.

2 Because I’m the best son ever; and this is why my parents are going to drop off a big tray of date squares and leftover turkey goodness on Monday. Hint Hint. Ha! I’m an ass.

3 Assuming the pilgrims were as lazy and gluttonous in the area of pie as I am.

4 Ha! I kill me.

5 And for proper score keeping: +1 scotch.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Dan (taken from your user name – an assumption on my part),
    Kudos on a wonderfully creative, informative and humorous site!
    Many thanks for reading my, and for adding a link to my site.
    Will return for more reads when I have more time.

    1. dangillis says:

      No problem. And thanks for reading 🙂

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