This Is What Happens When Life Happens.

Quitting has never felt so right.

This weekend is the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. You might remember this marathon because I’ve mentioned it several times over the last few months. Along with the Toronto Goodlife and Ottawa marathons in May, the Waterfront would make my third marathon for the year. Throw in the Goofy race in January and I’ve got a lovely foursome of pavement pounding, endurance testing awesomeness.

Except sometimes life happens.

In this case, several things have happened that have sidetracked me from my training – not in the sense that I missed the odd run here or there. I’ve missed most of my runs. Could I attempt to run the marathon this weekend given all of the other training I’ve done this year? Absolutely. Will I? Hells no. This is one of those cases where I’m actually going to consider personal safety and injury prevention.

Why now?

Great question. As you may have realized, I love adrenalin, I love running, and I love doing things that I probably shouldn’t – like taking on two marathons in 3 weeks, or signing up for the Goofy race, or running with scissors1, or smashing my face into the ground while doing yoga2.

This time is different. I do not feel prepared, not by a long shot. I think the flood in my condo was the first nail in the coffin. This was followed by flood-lung which I think was a result of all of the dust that I was inhaling after my condo was ripped apart to fix the flood damage3. Nail in the coffin number two. The third and final nail was delivered by the course that I’m teaching this semester. Note – this is not a complaint – as I love the course that I’m teaching. However, it is requiring far more effort than I had anticipated. So much so that I have to spend a lot of time after hours working on all my other projects, sacrificing my training.

This could work.

Three nails, one coffin – holding the sad remains of my attempt to run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Gone before it even had a chance.

Could I get a moment of silence please?

But fear not, dear readers. I’m using this failure on my part as extreme motivation to get my ass in gear for the Goofy race. No excuses. Goofy – I’m coming for you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

As for this weekend, I’m heading to Toronto so that I can cheer on my friend Mark and all of the other non-slackers. Now to figure out what crazy awesome hilarious sign I’m going to make to let Mark and all the other runners know how awesome they are.

1 I honestly don’t run with scissors because that is just crazy. Also, given my tendency to walk, run, or bike into walls and other stationary objects I’d likely stab myself by mistake.

2 It seemed like the thing to do at the time.

3 Flood-lung, also known as coughing. A lot. Like, more than that even.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. annemurray99 says:

    Hey if your are coming to Toronto, you should visit me !

    1. dangillis says:

      I’ll be there on Saturday early afternoon I think. Perhaps a coffee?

  2. Beth says:

    Dan, I’m very proud of you for making this decision! I know how hard it is for you to make the decision to not do something, but I agree that it is the right decision in this case!

    Also, you totally need to make a creative sign! I was disappointed with the signs at the Victoria half marathon this year because they were all signs I’d seen before at previous races, which were hilarious the first time I’d seen them, but the second time around, not so much. I demand innovative signs!

    1. dangillis says:

      Thanks Dr. Beth. I still feel like a giant lump of lazy stupid but I know it was the right decision. I have a few ideas for a sign – but I’m hoping to get some hilariously inappropriate suggestions from the interwebs. Any good ideas?

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