Boo. Just Boo.

Sad puppy is sad.

So tomorrow is the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and instead of taking part in the 42.2 km trek across Toronto, I’m going to be watching from the sidelines.

I won’t lie; I’m rather bummed out about this. I really want to be running tomorrow. I really should be running tomorrow. But I know that running wouldn’t be the smartest thing for me to do. My training hasn’t been what it should have been. I’m definitely not prepared for the distance.

Still, there’s a large part of me that feels like a big bag of suck. Just run it. You’ve done it before. Don’t be such a wuss. All these thoughts are going through my head. All these thoughts are making me feel less than.

But I realize that not running the race tomorrow is the appropriate thing to do. In fact, I realize that not running the race tomorrow is the right thing to do. Because I need to be okay with not always winning; sometimes life gets in the way; sometimes limitations creep in; sometimes priorities change.

Sadly, despite knowing all of this – I’m still bummed about the situation.

Boo. Just boo.


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  1. Bumstead says:

    You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes well you might find
    You get what you need

    1. dangillis says:

      Words to live by Bum. Words to live by indeed.

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