No Rest For The Wicked

I’m apparently as wicked as this guy, but I clearly don’t have the rocking chesticles that he does.

Based on the amount of sleep I’ve had in the past week1, I’m apparently a very, very wicked man.

For those keeping score, I zzzzzzz’d my way to a whopping 2 hours and 40 minutes last night, giving me a total 14 hours and 28 minutes since Monday.

Tonight looks like it’s going to be pretty much a repeat of that. I can only imagine that by tomorrow night I’ll be in need of a serious nap. That, or I’ll be on my eleventy-billionth wind and will be wanting to party all night long.

My guess is that I’ll just want to crawl into bed and sleep the sleep of the gods.

Despite my exhaustion, today was actually quite productive. I somehow managed to finish my NSERC application2, stay awake during a 3 hour meeting, teach my course without collapsing into a quivering mass of gelatinous goo, attend a meeting with some of my students this eve, get my hair cut, and head out for a beer with some colleagues.

Yes folks, that’s correct; despite my exhaustion and my need to work like crazy tonight (so that I might be ready for a big-old day-long meeting tomorrow), I went out and had a beer. And it was delicious. And I don’t regret my decision at all. Perhaps I will tomorrow, but for now I have decided to accept that I can’t do everything.

Apparently in my sleep deprived state, I’m all about a balanced life. Ha! Who knew?

1 Week? Has it been a week already? I’ve lost pretty much all sense of time.

2 Where somehow is actually defined by staying up all night, more or less.

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