A Wedding Of Nerds

A work in progress

So my friends Lorna and Rick got married today. Instead of clinking glasses to make the happy couple kiss, we were asked to write limericks. Our table, primarily composed of math and stats nerds, offered the following:

Rick has a massive vector,
But he doesn’t know how to director,
So Lorna was bright,
She took up the fight,
And taught Rick how to bisector.

We also decided to write a paragraph or two as a group – each person had to read what was written by the person before them, and without revealing details add a word to the sentence. The end result is what you find below.

Let me begin by saying – I’m sorry.

Crapshark! Why is Dan eating my buttocks??!! The only way he knows that seven enormous women are feasting on his voluptuous muscles is by reciprocating… Slapnutts feel soft against my ear please give smelly farts another whiff. One touch does sufficient tutelage to give him a big hard on and will help satisfy sufficient amounts of pleasure. Motorboat her big squirters because they need love and licking his candy apple-balls.

This is my best post ever. Now where’s my beer?


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