A Rather Weird Review

Baker Street. Go there.

Earlier today – we’ll say 5:30pm – I ventured down to the Baker Street Cafe because 1) it was rainy and chilly and I wanted some sort of comfort food, 2) I love the Baker Street Cafe and all of the tasty things they make, and 3) I had planned to meet up with friends around 8:30pm so figured I might as well head there early and work until said meeting1.

While sitting there, enjoying some wings and a pint whilst working on a simulation study for a paper that I’m hoping to submit in the very near future, I couldn’t help but overhear some people who were sitting next to me2.

What caught my ear, initially, was a conversation about politics and the destruction of several key Canadian environmental laws by the current government; specifically the Canadian Fisheries Act. Given that the simulation study I was working on was related to impacts on fish populations, you can understand why I suddenly perked up.

But then the conversation took an interesting turn. You see, one of the oh-so-loud individuals ordered the Steak and Ale Pasty. On taking the first bite, they couldn’t help but express as loudly as possible their dissatisfaction.

It’s too salty.

It’s too dry.

It needs gravy.

This isn’t a pie.

A Cornish pasty made by Warrens cut in half. T...
Does this look “juicy” to you? A Cornish pasty made by Warrens cut in half. The filling is beef steak, potato, turnip and onion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was one complaint after another.

Now I’ve never had a Pasty before – at least, not that I recall – and on hearing his complaints I couldn’t help but imagine that something called a Pasty wasn’t going to be dripping or oozing with saucy goodness. It’s a freaking Pasty – the name screams dry. Of course, I might be wrong – maybe they are supposed to be dripping with saucy goodness. But the comments that followed ended my wonderings about the saucy nature of Pasties3.

You know, I’ve traveled all over England. Everywhere I went I sampled the Pasty. I never liked it there. I really don’t know why I ordered it here. Regardless, I’m quite disappointed with this. Normally the food here is so much better.

Really? REALLY?

You’ve tried this culinary delight in numerous places, never liking it anywhere you’ve tried it because, for example, you don’t like mixing potatoes and pastry4 (which is a standard pasty component as far as I understand). And yet, on this particular day you opt to try it and expect a different result?

Am I missing something here?

Fortunately, after the individual received his bill I realized that he was just a spectacular cranky-bastard. The food was not to blame. He was. How do I know this- other than the obvious? The waitress opted to reduce his bill by 50% because he didn’t like his food5. She didn’t make a deal out of this, she simply presented him and his companion with a reduced bill. His reaction: I can’t believe she didn’t even tell me that they reduced my bill by 50%. The least they could have done was let me know that they were doing that.

Really? REALLY?

Anyway, I guess the moral of the story is this: douchebags are everywhere.

Also, the Baker Street Station has amazing food. You should go there. Right now.

1 It may seem weird but I find that I can get more accomplished in a noisy pub than the silence of my office.

2 Couldn’t help in the sense that they were over-the-top loud.

3 I assume this is the plural of pasty.

4 One of the reasons he suggested might be why he didn’t like the Pasty. Good grief.

5 Even though this culinary expert exclaimed to the waitress I didn’t like it. It was terrible. But I ate it all, because I’ll eat anything.


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