I Have A Weird Sense Of Fun

The ridges are for your pleasure. I mean pain.

I’m currently rolling around on the ground with my brand new heavy-duty Y Roller.

What’s a Y Roller? you ask.

Well I could tell you that it’s the newest tool in my stay healthy while I’m training for the Goofy Race bag of trickery, or I could tell you that it’s a massage roller to promote flexibility and myofascial release1. But if I were to be truly honest, I would tell you that it’s my newest self-torture device because although it looks innocent, holy hell does it beat every muscle into a screaming pulp.

Of course, that shouldn’t be misconstrued as bad. Does rolling around on this thing hurt? Hells ya. Is it going to help keep me healthy given all of the training I have to do? That’s the plan. And given what I’m about to do to myself – you know, like train to run 63.3 km, followed by actually running 63.3 km – I’m going to need all of the help I can to remain healthy.

So for the record, I’m causing my muscles pain so that I can train in my spare time to run a really long distance while on vacation in Florida. Clearly I have a very masochistic sense of fun.


1 As indicated on the label.


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  1. Beth says:

    That thing scares me. I have a regular, run-of-the-mill, ridge-less foam roller and it has me screaming in pain (especially on my quads. My evil, evil quads). I can’t even imagine what that one must feel like! Hurt so good!

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