The First Step Is A Real Big One

Edge Walk take 2.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, today was a random day off for me. Why today? Well, after several rather insane weeks including deadline after cutting-it-painfully-close deadline, meetings and oh-my-god-I-can’t-take-another-meeting, and more often than not needing to be in several places at once, I figured I was due. Also, there was adventuring to be had with my friends Dr. Beth, Nancy, and Jeff.

Adventure, you say! Adventure indeed. In this case I was returning to Toronto to take on – for a second time – the CN Tower Edge Walk. You may remember that I took on this challenge back in August with another group of thrill-seeking nerds.

Today’s adventure was just as good as the first. The minute I stepped out onto the ledge, I could feel the adrenalin pumping through my veins. While the weather wasn’t as nice as the first time I was tethered to the tower, it still offered some pretty spectacular views of the city, as well as the lake. Given the lack of sunshine – which significantly reduced glare – it was very easy to see both Niagara Falls and New York. And of course, getting this particular bird’s-eye view of Toronto was pretty epic.

Given that this was my second trip around the tower, I found that leaning over the edge was so much easier. Don’t get me wrong, there was still that moment when every cell in my body was crying out Hells No! You seriously don’t think you’re dangling yourself over the edge, do you? But their voices were almost instantly quieted by the incredible sense of awe that comes with leaning face first over the edge of a building; trusting in a tether that in theory could snap at any time. Unlikely, yes, but there’s still a non-zero probability of it happening.

Today’s adventure differed from the first in that the wind added a new level of holy-crap-this-is-freaking-scary-and-awesome. It’s one thing to be hanging my ass over the edge of the tower for all the world below to admire or laugh at; it’s completely another to do so with gusts of 35 to 50 km an hour blowing you around.

I’m so glad I got to do this little adventure again. And I’m sure that I’ll be doing it again next year because I have several friends that have to do this. This isn’t so much a choice of theirs, as it is Doctor’s orders. Ha! I kill me.

Now that I’m back safely on the ground, I think I should probably start planning my next adventure.

Showing Toronto my butt; it’s what I do.
How very Titanic of us.
I wish this weren’t so fuzzy.
Next time I think we should do Y-M-C-A
I apparently don’t understand the instructions “Look gangsta”
I really do love adrenalin.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    Omg, why didn’t we do the YMCA??

    Also, I think I’ve finally stopped feeling throw-uppy.

  2. Rick says:

    Best. Ever. I soooo wish I could do this! But I’m all talk… :S

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