There’s A Couch In My Kitchen

Elliot observing his kingdom while I clear out the living room.

Tomorrow, between the hours of 8am and 9am, I am expecting a crew of handymen to invade my condo. I guess invade is an inappropriate word choice, given that they have been invited and are absolutely most welcomed in my still-slightly-broken-home. The purpose of their visit – to install my hardwood floors.


I’m just a little excited about this. The first task, of course, will be to remove and dispose of the flood-damaged and puked-on-about-a-million-times-by-a-certain-fuzzball carpet. After that, it’s all about installation. I can’t wait. While I’m sure the job won’t require more than two days, there is a part of me that hopes to return from work tomorrow to a job-well-done. Whatever the case, it’s a major step forward in the flood repairs.

It also means that I’ll be able to go out and purchase the fireplace that I want; sooner rather than later. Which means – even though my condo is currently nice and warm – I’ll be able to heat it when necessary over the coming winter months. Plus, it’s a fireplace – that’s all kinds of awesome.

I guess this also means that I’ll need to find myself a really swanky area rug, because a fireplace demands a swanky plush super-duper awesome rug for lounging on while basking in the warming glow of its glowing warmth. I’m sure I read that somewhere, and far be it from me to disobey such things.

In the meantime, and in preparation for tomorrow’s big install, I have spent the weekend organizing my kitchen cabinets, the storage room, and the living room. I have moved almost everything out of the living room save for one couch and the television. Given that my storage room is only so large, my kitchen is currently the new home for my other couch and will soon be home to both.

After moving the first of the couches to the kitchen, I pondered the benefits of its location – easy access to the fridge should I want a beer (assuming my fridge were stocked); or perhaps the ease of which a sandwich could be made. Sadly, the couch also means maneuvering is difficult and will thus find its way back to the living room after the hardwood is installed. I’m pretty sure that’s the correct decision.

For now, I’m going to be über cool and enjoy a scotch while dreaming about my new hardwood floors. That’s what the cool kids do, right?


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