My Superbowl

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Today I was the very definition of a giant waste of space. That’s not to say that I didn’t accomplish anything, but the list of things that I managed to complete can best be described as rather pathetic.

I blame the Americans and their nail-biting election, which clearly required me to drink several beers – first to calm my nerves1, and then to celebrate the results2. The election also kept me up into the wee hours. Being a bit of a die-hard, I elected3 to stay up to watch the speeches by the presidential candidates. Apparently the idea of going to bed and watching the speeches on YouTube this morning wasn’t an option.

This all translated to one sleepy Dan when my iPhone insisted that I get up this morning. Other than being really tired and slightly dehydrated, I think I escaped the Beast of Hangovers relatively unscathed.

Despite all of the nail-biting, last night was my Superbowl. So many exit polls, so many statistics. Numbers linked with opinions, statistical interpretations, probability of blue states, probability of red states. How could I not love it?

The night was made even better because I was able to watch from the E-bar with several friends. The conversation was always entertaining, the laughter was plentiful, and there may also have been beer and fries. All that and statistics? Pretty much the perfect night in my books4.

1 Riiiight – to calm my nerves. It had nothing to do with its tasty deliciousness.

2 GObama!

3 Double Ha!

4 And special thanks to Dr. Mark and Dr. Julie for driving my not-so-sober ass home last night.


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