A Chock-A-Block Day

Te he.

I spent a good portion of this afternoon and this evening playing in the world of Bayesian statistics.

Put another way, I spent most of my day in happy-land.

To make things even better, I spent my happy-land time downtown; first at The Joint Cafe, then at The Red Brick Cafe. Given the cafe-ness of my chosen workstations, I was able to pair my continued exploration of the Bayesian world with some delicious food and fantastic soy lattes. You’d think the day couldn’t have gotten any better – but it did.

By coincidence, several friends had also decided to venture to the Joint Cafe. While I wasn’t fully engaged in any specific conversation1, it was nice to know that I was surrounded by people who I enjoy surrounding myself with.

Again, you’d think that the day couldn’t get better than that – but it did.

Around 6:30, I was met by my friend Dr. Julie at Red Brick. From there we proceeded to Sweet Temptations Cupcakery’s Holiday 2012 Cupcake Tasting Soirée. This being my first Cupcake Soirée, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What greeted us were tables and tables full of mini cupcakes – and wine – for sampling. Black Forest cupcakes. Gingerbread cupcakes2. Egg nog cupcakes. So many cupcakes. And all delicious. While I’m not sure they were an appropriate or healthy dinner, I didn’t care. I may or may not have eaten 4 of the gingerbread variety and I may or may not feel any guilt about doing so.

In short, my day was chock-a-block full of statistics, friends, lattes, and cupcakes. I really am a lucky bastard.

1 For this I apologize; but in my defence Multivariate Conditionally Autoregressive Random Effects and -4\mathbb{E}_{\theta, \mathbf{Z}}\left[\log f(\mathbf{y},\mathbf{Z}|\theta)|\mathbf{y}\right]+2\mathbb{E}_{\mathbf{Z}}\left[\log f(\mathbf{y}, \mathbf{Z}|\mathbb{E}_{\theta}[\theta|\mathbf{y}, \mathbf{Z}])|\mathbf{y}\right]!

2 My personal favourites.


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