Getting My Groove Back

Goofy – we’re coming for you.

Sixty-one days; sixty-one days are all that separate me from where I am right now, and the starting line of the Donald Duck half marathon – the first step in completing the Goofy Race.

For those who aren’t aware – the Goofy Race consists of two separate runs; on January 12, I will be joined by my friend Mark as we complete the Donald Duck half marathon, and on January 13 we will again step to the starting line to run the Mickey Mouse full marathon; a combined distance of 63.3 km covered in about 28 hours. It’s going to be difficult, and I may end up yarfing all over the place, or losing all control over my bodily functions. Regardless, it’s going to be awesome.

The reason I bring this up is that the last few weeks of training I just haven’t been feeling it as much as I normally do. I haven’t been excited to run. Every time I laced up my shoes felt more of a chore than it should have. It just wasn’t as much fun as usual. So much so, that I started to wonder if I had burned out; that I had reached a point where running was a chore and not something that I love to do. And then I questioned myself – Self, are you going to be able to complete the Goofy Race? Or is this a case of “Suck it up Gillis”?

I ran today and yesterday. Today I ran 8 km in 37 minutes 35 seconds. Yesterday I ran 12 km in 60 minutes. My body felt strong , my breathing was solid. While there were several instances where I questioned if I could keep going, the Suck it up sunshine side won. I pushed through and managed to have some great runs. Better yet, the fun was back.

felt it today. I felt it yesterday.

I can do this. I will do this.

Beware Goofy – Mark and I are going to crush you.


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  1. Dash says:

    That race is definitely on my wish list, I want a Donald Duck medal!, and if I’m going to travel all that way for a half I might as well do a full too … I can almost hear my legs screaming in protest as I type!

    1. dangillis says:

      I’m pretty sure my legs are going to punch me in the face for making them run. Hopefully I make it through the race without embarrassing myself. Of course – I’ll keep you posted 😉

      Oh – and definitely do it. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.

      1. Dash says:

        Ahh, I’m so tempted! I think this MIGHT be a realistic target for 2014, so will follow your training & race experience closely. I’ll be very jealous when you get your medals 🙂

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