Guess Who’s Kick-Ass-Awesome?

This is pretty much purrfect. See what I did there? Ha!

I found myself home from the office early today. I woke up completely knackered and I’m not quite sure why. I thought I had gone to bed early enough last night. I don’t remember feeling exhausted or drained yesterday, nor do I remember yesterday being very taxing. Regardless, I woke up feeling like a drugged sloth.

Initially my drugged-sloth state concerned me because my students were presenting their second lab demo in class today and I wanted to be fully present and engaged. They’ve been working their asses off, and they deserve at least that.

As they spent the first hour of the class organizing themselves and making a few last-minute corrections, I sat and observed. From the outside looking in, it may have appeared to be a bit of a chaotic mess – thirty students moving about the room from computer station to computer station. Database team members were chatting with the Controller team members, who in turn were chatting with the User Interface team members. The noise level waxed and waned, several students were calling out directions to others. As I mentioned, it probably looked to be a chaotic mess.

But as I sat and watched it was immediately obvious that no one was panicked, and no one seemed terribly stressed. The students were cheerful, polite to each other, and in many cases joking around while they pulled together last-minute communication protocols, rearranged the user interface, and tested the functionality. They were all working hard, communicating effectively, and seemingly having fun. I couldn’t have been happier. And I think this is how I managed to get through the lab demo fully engaged and fully present. It also didn’t hurt that they kicked ass. The prototypes were awesome, the students professional, and the client very pleased.

After class, however, I quickly crashed. I managed to get through some grading and attend several meetings before I decided that I needed to head home for a nap in front of my fireplace.

So what have I learned today? First, my students are kick-ass-awesome – although technically I already knew that. Second, my students are kick-ass-awesome. Did I already write that? Well, I feel that it was worth mentioning again. And again. And again. Because they are. Kick-ass-awesome. My students. Kick-ass-awesome.

Oh, I have also learned that napping in front of the fireplace is probably the best thing ever. Also, working in front of the fireplace with a coconut milk earl grey tea latte is probably the best way to work.

Correction, working in front of the fireplace with said coconut milk latte while wearing the warmest and comfiest comfy-pants I own while a certain fuzzball purrs contentedly beside me – now that’s the best way to work.


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