Short And Sweet

This sexy leathery piece of sexiness-in-leather-jacket form could have been mine. Apparently I was being a “responsible adult” by opting to wait. Pffffft.

A short and sweet post, as I’m off to a party. This may or may by be the first Christmas party of the season – I’m not sure. I am sure that I’m not quite ready for Christmas.

Anyway, today was a another awesome day – this time spent with friends as we wandered the malls attempting to get a head start on our Christmas shopping.

I ended up buying lunch and coffee. I also tried on a new leather jacket that tempted me with its sexy leathery awesomeness. I didn’t, however, buy it. Because I’m trying to save money for my house. Or because the $400 price tag reminded me too much of a flight somewhere awesome. Or it’s because I’m a responsible adult. One of those most be correct.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I failed at Christmas shopping today. Fortunately, I’m okay with that.

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