One more class to go!

Holy hell the semester is almost over.

On one side of the coin I’m stoked because it has been a long semester filled with late nights, early mornings, sleep deprivation, and probably far too much coffee and beer.

On the other side of the coin I’m a bit sad because, while the semester has been long it has been a lot of fun. Yes there were moments where I may have wanted to stab myself repeatedly in the eye instead of deal with whatever mountain of work was in front of me, but on the whole it was a fun-filled semester. My class has been awesome, the students fantastic, and I’m super excited about the project they have been working on1.

Indeed, as busy as this semester has been, I think I’m going to miss teaching my class more than I would have initially thought. I realized this today when I learned that next Thursday will actually be a Monday – at least scheduling wise. The idea is that classes that were cancelled during the Thanksgiving Monday holiday will be made up this coming Thursday. This means that the last class for my course will be held Tuesday, and not Thursday like I had originally thought.

I really don’t know how to feel about this.

1 Which will be revealed – at least in a prototype form – at the end of the semester. I can’t wait!



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