Smile Worthy

This was not my students.

And just like that the semester is over. Okay, maybe not completely over but pretty much over. The students still have to write their exam, and I have to grade said exam, but otherwise everything that the students needed to do, they have done.

Today was their final lab demo. That is, today they put everything on the line to show off and sell what they have been working on the entire semester. I’m sure they were nervous and worried about their presentations, but they were awesome.

Truth be told, when I woke up this morning I was rather nervous. I had no idea how the students would respond to the task at hand, nor did I really know what to expect in terms of their overall final project. Don’t get me wrong – I knew what they had to do, and I knew that they had been working hard – but I didn’t know how their final project would function nor how it would look.

Given that I was slightly in the dark in terms of what exactly they had produced, you’ll understand when I write that I was terribly excited to see the final versions of the projects they had completed, and even more excited to watch as they explained what they had done to the client. It took all my energy not to peek at their projects until the presentations formally began.

After the presentations began I walked around the class observing the students, listening to them explain to the client representatives how they translated the goals of the project into a tangible, usable, web-based solution. They were pretty impressive. Of course, being my students you might think that I’m biased in my estimation of their skills. Trust me when I say that their ability to impress was noted not just by me, but by the six client representatives that came to judge what they had completed. So yes, I was rather happy and proud with how things played out.

Through all of this I tried unsuccessfully not to smile. I really couldn’t help myself. It’s hard not to smile when what I saw was so totally smile worthy.


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