A Good Day To Be Lazy

Today was a good day to be lazy
Today was a good day to be lazy

Remember back in the remaining days of October when Rick, Dr. Beth, and I had agreed to make November a Three-way Challenge of Awesomeness? Our mission – if you recall – was to spend time each and every day of the month doing some form of physical activity; be that walking, running, biking, stretching, or strength training.

While the three of us are usually active folk, for various reasons we all felt that we were slacking when it came to exercise. Naturally this gave rise to the November challenge.

Well, being December 1 you may be wondering how things went? From my point of view I was technically successful. I walked, ran, or stretched every day. I also threw the odd push up or two into the mix. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I spent some time with my chin up bar as well. It seems like I should feel good about this, right?

Sadly, although I completed the challenge I don’t feel like I put forth my best effort. My month was active, but not as active as it could have been. I could have spent more time running, or stretching, or doing push ups. I could have walked an extra kilometre or two by simply picking a different route to the school. I did none of these things. And because of this, I feel that I brought a C-Game, perhaps a B-Game at best.

What does all of this mean? It means that I’m going to redouble my efforts this month – which is going to be rather difficult given the ubiquity of Christmas parties and Christmas cookies and Christmas beverages and oh my god so many delicious Christmas treats. I can’t look back and regret what I didn’t do; I need to embrace what I accomplished, and push myself to new levels this month. And I will. That’s a promise.

Of course, since today was a perfect day to catch up on some much needed snuggling time with the wee fuzzball, my redoubling efforts will have to wait until tomorrow. I am only human afterall.



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  1. Rick says:

    You may not have put forth your best efforts, but the amount of activity you did is definitely more than being lazy. We win! But as I think all three of us have realized, it’s time to bring our A-games.

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