Death To Goofy

You should be frightened Goofy.
You should be frightened Goofy.

Okay, maybe Death to Goofy is a little extreme. I don’t want Goofy dead. I just want to crush his race a little bit.

Tonight I continued on my quest to do just that.

How did it go? The last few miles were tough. Really tough. My neighbours were probably wondering why I was yelling Suck it up Princess and You’ve got this Gillis so much. But it was necessary. My legs were exhausted and I could feel some of my muscles beginning to tighten up a little bit during the last 15 minutes. Fortunately, nothing that I couldn’t deal with, and nothing a good stretch and massage won’t cure. Of course, getting a massage at this time of night is not likely, so I’ll have to settle with a hot manly bath1,2.

Despite the challenge and the end-of-race exhaustion, I crushed 2 hours on the treadmill tonight (23.21 kilometres – or 14.42 miles). This after putting in 1 hour on the treadmill yesterday (12.09 kilometres – or 7.51 miles). W00t!

Of course, you’re probably wondering – What does one do while running on the treadmill for that long? Isn’t it boring?

Short answer – yes, yes it is. But I pass the time by listening to music, attempting to send out tweets without falling off the treadmill4, and doing a lot of math in my head. Seriously. Most of the time I’m estimating distances by a certain time based on current pace and location in my run. Other times I’m thinking about some sort of statistical issue that I’m exploring at work. Yup, I’m just that cool.

Anyway, tomorrow is rest day. And by rest, I mean that I’m not running. I’ll walk a little and stretch a lot. And if the stars align, perhaps I’ll find myself on a certain someone’s table getting the best massage in the history of massages.

1 A manly bath includes scotch. That’s a rule. You should write it down.

2 Don’t worry. I’m also drinking copious amounts of water. So much water, that I might yarf it up. Which might not be a bad thing because I’m hungry as well and having a hard time forcing down my usual tuna on an english muffin dinner3.

3 Although tonight’s dinner has been fancied up with some pineapple pieces. YUM.

4 Easier said than done.


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