Blurgh Part II: The Re-Blurghening.

Medicine; spoonful of sugar not required.

The cold continues.

Despite crawling into bed at 11 or so last night1 and sleeping for 7 hours and 45 minutes2, I woke up a zombie. This is likely due to waking up every hour or so because the evil beast of a cold that has invaded my body has decided to choke me in my sleep. Damn you cold. Damn you to the fiery bowels of hell.

My zombie state continued while I walked to campus; my exhaustion clearly demonstrated by the fact that the short walk from my house to the mall had me almost out of breath. I was reminded once again how exhausted I was when I needed to climb the stairs to my office. By the time I reached the top, winded, I knew I wasn’t going to last the entire day. I also kicked myself3 for not cancelling the meeting that had me walking to school. Why didn’t I just admit defeat, stay at home, and protect myself in a cocoon made of blankets?

After a few hours on campus I finally caved. I wasn’t able to focus on any one task, my brain was lagging, and I was falling asleep at my desk. I had to admit defeat and head home. You win this round Cold. Sadly the venture home was painfully long. I just wanted to be in bed. All I could think about was bed. And so I trudged on, unaware of my surroundings, focussed only on the prize that awaited me at the end of my walk. By the time I arrived at my door, fumbled my keys into the lock, dropped my bags and coat, I was too tired to even go upstairs. I collapsed on the couch and quickly fell into a deep and clearly needed sleep.

Honestly, there’s nothing I hate more than feeling this tired and weak, unless I’ve just finished an epic run. I guess I’m also okay with feeling this tired and weak if I’ve just worked an epically long week. But being this tired because of some wee virus – unacceptable.

I won’t say that when I woke I was cured of this infernal cold, but I did feel like a new man. New enough to head out once again to pick up some food for Elliot and some medicine for me. Which just goes to show that there really is a silver lining to every story. And by silver lining, I clearly mean scotch (a.k.a. my medicine).

1 Which for those unaware is considered really early for me.

2 A full 2 hour and 15 minutes longer than average.

3 Actually, I was too tired to kick myself. I did, however, curse under my breath.


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