Rest For The Wicked

So tired.

When I awoke this morning every muscle in my body was sore; apparently reminding me that I am not the young man I used to be. Most days I’m able to shake off the feeling by stretching and such. Today was not one of those days.

I spent the better part of the morning yawning, stretching, and trying to come to life1. Between all of this I kept telling myself that I needed to get in a run. My training schedule demands it2. In fact, today my schedule was demanding a 30 km run.

There wasn’t a single fibre of my being that wanted anything to do with a 30 km run.

My thoughts bounced between Suck it up Gillis and You’ve got this to I really am exhausted – maybe I should take the day off. And when I assessed the state of my body, I couldn’t deny how tired I was. My knee was also feeling wobbly, and I couldn’t seem to stretch enough. Everything just felt off. Of course, the minute my brain moved to a place where running was put on hold, I immediately thought You’re being a wuss.

Ultimately the decision to run or not to run came down to the following question: Am I really this exhausted, or am I just being lazy?

I thought about this for some time. The only conclusion I could reach easily is that I was exhausted, but I wasn’t sure if I was don’t run today exhausted. I decided to have a 20 minute nap with the fuzzball. I figured if this was a simple case of being tired, I’d wake up, shake off the funk I was in, and get running.

I did not wake up from my nap rested. I woke up just as tired and achy and tight as when I crawled into bed with Elliot. I may have actually felt worse.

At that point I called it; today had to be a rest day. As much as I knew that today’s long distance run was necessary, I also had to face the harsh reality that sometimes my body needs to rest3. I also had to keep reminding myself that rest days are necessary – otherwise I could end up injured and unable to run the Goofy race. Resting would make my subsequent runs that much better. Resting would be good for me.

As much as I know this is true, and as much as I’m glad I took the day off, I can’t say that I’ve accepted it 100%. I think sometimes that I am my own worst enemy.

Ah well – such is life, right? I’ll return to crushing Goofy tomorrow.

1 1000 interwebs to whomever can name the song from which this was derived.

2 Stupid demanding training schedule.

3 I hate that.


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