Wanderlusting Version 2013

Oh the places I’ll go…

I have a wee confession to make; despite my attempt to travel as often as I can – what with my insatiable wanderlust – I have realized that there is no way that I’m going to be able to use up all of my vacation days this year. Not even close.

Despite my failure to use up all of my allotted vacation time, I have still managed several trips this year, including Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Quebec, and Calgary. And that doesn’t even include that epic adventure with Rick known as the Big Mountain Challenge. While the trips weren’t necessarily as frequent1 as in previous years, they were fantastic, and filled with adventure filled shenanigans. I have absolutely zero complaints about any of them.

Of course, having written that, and with the knowledge that I won’t be using up all of my allotted vacation time this year, I think I need to set myself a task. Specifically, I need to ensure that next year I use up all of my vacation time and I do so by travelling as much as I can.

So, dear readers, I present to you my newest challenge. In 2013 I need to travel to at least 12 different cities outside of Ontario2,3. I think this is completely within the realm of possibility because I already have some trips in mind4 for various reasons:

  1. January – Orlando, Florida (Goofy Race).
  2. March – Las Vegas, Nevada (wedding).
  3. May – Edmonton, Alberta (Annual Meeting of the SSC).
  4. June – Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador (CUExpo 2013).
  5. June – Banff, Alberta (Banff marathon).
  6. July – Calgary, Alberta (Gran Fondo race with Mel).
  7. August – Calgary, Alberta (visit Rick and hopefully climb Mount Temple).
  8. September – New York City, New York (vacation).
  9. October – Victoria & Vancouver, British Columbia (Victoria marathon & visit Beth).

Of course, I’m also hoping to cross the pond at some point, and I’d like to visit my friends Ben & Erin in Chicago, Arlene in New Jersey, and Amanda in the Great White North.

Whether or not I manage these trips specifically, or replace them with other trips, the goal is the same: twelve different cities outside of Ontario in twelve months.

I’ve totally got this.

1 Or international.

2 The further the better.

3 This does not have to be a monthly activity, although that would be awesome.

3 All of these are completely tentative and will depend both on budget and whether or not certain friends are available.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    Victoria Marathon!! That is all.

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