Persuasive Moves

I should be this bendy all of the time.

Since I’m going to be back on the treadmill tomorrow chasing down my dream of crushing Goofy, I figured I’d spend as much time as I could over the past few days stretching. In my world, stretching is as important as every minute I spend running. Honestly, if I didn’t take the time to stretch I can’t imagine how I’d feel. I’m sure my body would become so wound up and tight that at some inopportune moment in the very near future, it would just snap into several pieces.

Fortunately yoga and stretching help a lot. Combined with massage, and visits to my friendly neighbourhood Chiropractors1, and the odd round of acupuncture, I manage to stay flexible and loose enough to maintain the excessive mileage required to train for half marathons, marathons, and the Goofy race. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m stubborn as hell.

As of right now I feel much bendier than I did on Sunday when I opted to cancel my scheduled 30 km run. My body isn’t nearly as achy or stiff as it was then. In fact, I was considering adding a run today because it feels so much better. Sadly, my hamstring and quadricep muscles have apparently decided to resist my persuasive stretching moves2. How that’s possible, I have no idea – my moves are pretty persuasive. Because of this, I’ve decided to err on the side of caution and not push an extra run that isn’t necessary.

Look at me being all cautious and stuff.

To provide a little more convincing to those stupid hams and quads of mine, and because my hams and quads are so very clearly asking for it, I’ve decided to write this post while rolling around on my Y-roller. You may remember mention of this little torture device from previous posts (such as here).

It’s difficult to describe the pain that I can inflict on myself using this rather innocuous looking device. Suffice it to say, I’ve been dropping some pretty colourful language3. Poor Elliot is so disturbed, he’s resorted to hitting the catnip.

1 The good Doctors Mark & Julie.

2 Stupid hams and quads, why won’t you relax?

3 Mom, if you are reading this, colourful language means phrases like the following:


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