Dear Body – I Hear You

That is actually my RMT, but that leg does not belong to me.

Goofy training is clearly beginning to take a toll on my body. How do I know this? My body is speaking to me, and rather loudly at that. Don’t worry though, it’s not saying anything like holy hell you should stop running lest I shatter into a million little pieces. Instead it seems to be saying loudly and repeatedly holy hell you had better stretch for about eleventy billion hours if you think for one second you are going to keep up this insane – yet awesome – running schedule.

And so, dear readers, I am doing something that I often struggle to do – I’m listening to my body. Does this mean I’m going to slow down my training? Nope; that’ll only happen if life gets in the way or if my body reaches a state of exhaustion such as that which occurred this past weekend. What it means is that I’m finally going to get in for a much-needed massage.




My Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) is amazing. And while I know the massage itself is going to redefine pain and discomfort, the end result will be a much relaxed, much bendier me. For those not in the know, the relaxed bendy version of me is way better than the non-relaxed non-bendy version.

Sadly I have to wait until Saturday for my massage. Until then, I’ll just keep stretching, and stretching, and stretching. And when I’m done that, you’d better believe I’m going to stretch some more.


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