One Week To Go

These will be mine.

In just over a weeks time, Mark and I shall be waking up at an ungodly hour, lacing up our shoes, and lining up with hundreds of other runners to begin what may be our last race ever1. Of course, I’m writing about the Goofy Race3.

Holy hell, I can’t believe it begins in a week. On one hand it feels that I should have another few weeks of training. On the other, it’ll be so awesome to crush this thing.

Of course, I have a few more runs to do before I line up with Mark to start the Donald Duck Half Marathon on Saturday the 12th, and then the Mickey Mouse Full Marathon on Sunday the 13th. Tonight’s 12 km run was the first of the last runs. After Sunday, it’ll be all about resting my legs. No running, some walking, lots of stretching.

I had planned on putting in a half marathon tonight, but my body felt rather tight and tired so I opted to err on the side of injury prevention. Instead, I’ll run a half tomorrow in place of the 12 km I was going to do. Assuming my body holds up, I’ll be running 30+ km on Sunday – my last run before the official race. If I manage to get in the expected Saturday and Sunday run this weekend, I will have put in about the same mileage as I did between Friday and Monday of last weekend4. Sweet!

The crazy part – assuming my next 4 runs go as planned – is when I think of all of the mileage that I will have run between Friday December 28 and Sunday January 13th. If – and this is a big if – all goes well, I’ll have put in over 212 km (over 132 miles) in a 17 day period. This will be by far the most amount of running I’ve ever done in a period of this length. Insane. I must crush this.

This is probably the best marathon sign I’ve ever seen.

Fortunately I’m not doing this thing alone. Along the way I’ll have my buddy Mark encouraging me as we run these crazy back-to-back races. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d be able to do this without him there beside me. I’m beyond lucky to have someone in my life that is as crazy as me when it comes to running. And if we manage to cross the finish line at the same time (which is the plan), I’m going to be giving him the biggest (sweatiest) hug that my run-weary body will allow.

Whatever happens, next weekend is going to be a lot of fun. While some doubt lingers about how well I’ve trained, whether it was sufficient, whether I should have put in a greater number of long runs, or whether or not it will lead me to the finish line, I know I’ve worked my ass off and I’m proud of that.

Bring it Goofy. I’m ready for you.

1 You know, in the very unlikely chance that one of us die. Fear not though mom, the chance of that actually happening is really small. Of course, should I die, know that I was doing something I loved, and I left behind a very sexy and very sweaty corpse. Perhaps write that on my tombstone2.

2 Also, I fully expect a kick-ass party to celebrate my life. I’m talking a 5-alarm, someone set the house on fire, probably illegal for so many reasons, kind of party.

3 What else would I be writing about? It’s pretty much dominated my last month or so of posts.

4 Last weekend I ran 44 miles over 4 days. This weekend the plan should put me at 43.75 miles over 3 days. And of course, next weekend I’ll be running 39.3 miles in 2 days. EEP!


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