Not Even A Travel Disaster Is Keeping Me From Goofy

Social media whore – that’s me!

After the most ridiculous travel “adventure” I have landed in Orlando. It’s warm and the fresh air feels amazing. I have to give a big shout out to Mark and Jeff for patiently waiting for me at the Orlando airport while my flight was delayed and delayed and delayed some more.

It started with a bad part on the plane, then a faulty computer, and then all hell broke loose. And after that – the air traffic control computers went down.

Epic travel fail.

Clearly Goofy is so afraid, he’s tampered with my travel plans. Whatever Goofy. Whatever.

To pass the time and to stay sane, I watched three movies on the in-flight entertainment system, and by chatting with CityTV about the ordeal. Because they saw my tweets and asked me to chat. So I did. Because – as Rick would say – and I wouldn’t disagree – I’m a social media whore.

Anyway, I stink of stale airplane, and sad airplane food so I’m going to go have a long hot Silkwood shower (if you aren’t sure what that is – Google Meryl Streep and Silkwood shower).

After that, I’m going to CRUSH GOOFY!


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