Crush The Duck

Get ready Donald – I’m coming for you.

And so, after many blog posts and many miles of running, it comes to this. Me and Donald, face to face, mano-a-wingo.

Of course, the race doesn’t officially begin until 5:30 tomorrow morning so technically I still have plenty of time to stretch, relax, and psyche myself up for the Donald Duck half-marathon. And to be perfectly honest, I’m feeling pretty good about it right now. I may change my mind in the morning.

As usual, the race will be live streamed on RunKeeper (follow me – hopefully – by clicking here). I’ll also have my phone set up to read any and all tweets that you feel need to be sent my way. And please do send them. They are motivating and hilarious and awesome. Given the hour of the race, however, I’ll understand if you aren’t able to message me.

Anyway, instead of stretching more I’m going to bed, because getting more rest really is the smart thing to do. See you in 21.1 kilometers.




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