Elliot Seems Pleased

I should have known Elliot would have enjoyed the fact that I brought home the remains of a bird, a mouse, and a dog.

Well, after 4 awesome days in sunny Florida I am home. While I’m sad to say goodbye to the 25 Celsius days spent running around the Magic Kingdom with Mark, I’m thrilled to be home after having completed another of my Not-So-Bucket-List list items1.

When I arrived home, I was greeted by a very affectionate cat. Don’t get me wrong – Elliot is normally affectionate. Today, however, he was insanely affectionate. He was underfoot so much that I accidentally stepped on him while I was walking down the stairs. Oops.

I naturally assumed that his affection was a sign that he had missed me – or at the very least had missed me giving him treats and changing his litter box. But after offering him treats and checking his litter box, that clearly wasn’t the answer.

Perhaps he really did miss me.

It wasn’t until I unpacked that I was able to determine the true source of his affection. As I separated my clothes to do laundry – colours over there, whites over here, stinking running gear very, very, far over there – I came across my medals which I had carefully packed so as to avoid damaging them. I laid them on my bed in a line – partly because I like orderly things, but also because I was reflecting on the weekend and this seemed the appropriate thing to do.

In short order, Elliot pounced.

It was as if the medals were laced with catnip. He grabbed at them, attempted to bat them around, and bit them. Clearly this was much too fun to ignore, so I put the ribbons around his neck to see if he would pose as a winner. Of course, getting a cat to pose for a picture is like trying to herd, well, cats. Instead, he took this as a sign to play. And play he did.

And that dear readers, is the story of how Elliot approved of me crushing a bird, a mouse, and a dog. Go figure.

1 Actually, I’ve managed to cross off two things from my list this weekend. The first is obviously the Goofy Race. The second is completing three marathons in a year (The Toronto Goodlife Marathon in May ’12, the Ottawa Capital Race in May ’12, and the Goofy Race in January ’13).


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  1. Dash says:

    Congratulations on crushing the Goofy challenge! That photo is so adorable!

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