The Wanderlust Continues

Where in the world should I go?

So it’s Friday night and I’m suffering a mad case of wanderlust. I’ve been suffering with it all week – ever since getting back from Florida. I’ve been trying to distract myself by watching an Arrested Development marathon, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The most recent episode had me considering a trip to Reno. Yikes.

The worst part about suffering wanderlust is trying to determine where I should go. All week I’ve been toying with ideas. New York City? Costa Rica? London? Chicago? And how long should I go? A long weekend? A week? Longer? Should it be all about relaxing on a beach? Or should it be an adventure filled excursion? Do I go somewhere I’ve never been? Or do I return to a place that I’ve been to many times because I love it and haven’t been back in what seems like years?

About the only question I can answer for sure is whether or not to plan the trip in great detail (once I figure out where I’m going). The answer is a resounding no to planning. I prefer to travel where not much more than my transportation and hotel are predetermined. Adventure has an easier way of finding me if I’m not on a schedule. And we all know how well adventure and I get along.

Anyway, I’m making this trip my top priority for the weekend – I must have a decision by Sunday night. Because wanderlust doesn’t just go away. It’s a beast that just gets hungrier and hungrier – demanding more and more of my time and mental energies. And if I don’t have my mental energies, I can’t do my job. Which means science and statistics will suffer. Which means the collective knowledge of the world will suffer. Which means humanity will suffer. And I can’t have that on my conscience.

So there you have it folks – I travel for the sake of humanity. I’m giving like that.

You are welcome.


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