The Worst Part About An Unexpected Nap

I may have accidentally had a nap after my run. I blame this guy.

Based on the fact that I just accidentally passed out for about an hour or so, I’m going to make the rather profound declaration that I’m tired. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10 Zs1, I’m guessing I’m going to rank around Stupid-Exhausted. For those counting, that’s 10 times more tired than Wiped, but only one tenth as tired as I just poured orange juice on my cereal tired.

The weirdest thing about this particular nap is that it completely snuck up on me. I didn’t feel particularly tired at work, nor did I feel too bad when I left the office, picking up groceries on my way home. Once I got home, I jumped on the treadmill and pumped out a 12 km run. Napping was the last thing on my mind.

Truth be told, it wasn’t until after I stretched, and had some dinner that I even noticed how tired I was. I was enjoying an episode of Futurama when I started to nod off. I’m sure it didn’t help the situation that I has just eaten, nor that my fireplace was warm and cozy, nor that Elliot had nuzzled in next to me. I tried to fight the nap – at least initially – but it was ultimately a battle I was meant to lose.

The worst part about this unexpected nap is that I had intended to work this eve, especially given the mountain of projects I’m trying to stay on top of. I’d also hoped to finally get around to cleaning up my kitchen. Oh, and I guess there are all of those groceries that still need to be put away, laundry to be finished, and my bed still needs to be made. Blurgh. Stupid unexpected nap getting between me and a productive evening. Stupid unexpected nap long time.

Alright, let’s be real – the worst part about this unexpected nap was absolutely nothing at all. Because work and dishes and laundry and groceries and the like can all wait – at least for today.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for bed. That nap tuckered me out.

Night all y’all.

1 Measured on the log scale, naturally. Ha! I kill me.


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