The Rebloodening

The blood donor screening questionnaire is full of the standard questions you’d expect in a screening questionnaire. You know, like questions about monkey fluids.

After I finished up at the office today, I headed downtown to meet up with my friends Dr. Mark and Dr. Julie. Our goal – head to the second Bleed For Guelph blood drive; a drive organized by the very same doctors I was meeting.

While I didn’t donate blood myself – damn monkeys – I decided to tag along to offer moral support to those who did. And by moral support I mean that I tagged along in the event that I might get to enjoy some of the treats that one gets when one donates blood. Treats like Oreo cookies.

For those not in the know, Oreo cookies are free of all things dairy, which means they are one of the few cookies that I can buy when I go grocery shopping. Of course, if you read yesterday’s post you’ll know that I don’t buy Oreos in the fear/knowledge that I will eat the entire bag in a sitting and then suffer the intense feelings of guilt (in the form of gut rot) that naturally follows such an act of gluttony.

Anyway, oodles of blood was donated amid a lot of laughter and good conversation. Thanks to the good doctors for organizing another successful drive. And for those counting, I got me some Oreos. And damn they were good.



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