Official Goofy Certification

My official Goofy Race certificate. W00t.

Well folks, today is the day that makes my Goofy Race officially Goofy in the most officially official way possible. And by officially official way, I clearly mean via an official certificate that certifies in a very official way my officially certifiable goofiness.

Just look at it over there – all shiny and official and certificate like. So pretty.

What do I love the most about my certificate? Well, beyond the shiny official nature of it, I like that I have a fancy pants record of the time I ran 63.3 km in less than 6.5 hours. Also, I love that Goofy – the official race Gooferintendent – signed it. Gooferintendent – ha!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m officially exhausted and I’m sure I hear some pillows calling my name.

Note – my day was rather long and I’m slightly report-punch drunk at the moment. As such, you’ll have to excuse the ramblings of this post.


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