Freaking Cool


A few months ago I stumbled on a new device for interacting with the computer. I don’t remember how I stumbled on it – perhaps via the Twitter, perhaps via Facebook, or perhaps while reading one of the nerdtastically awesome tech-related blogs I oft find myself perusing in the wee hours of the eve. More likely, however, I stumbled on it while I was doing research for the course I’m currently teaching – User Interface Design.

Whatever led me to the device doesn’t really matter. Point is, I had discovered something new and shiny and oh so freaking cool. I knew the moment I saw it, I had to have one. Not because it’s new and shiny and oh so freaking cool – at least not entirely – but because I had this gut feeling that it was going to be a game-changer in the way we work with computers, and because I immediately had a slew of ideas of what it could potentially do. So I did what any sane man would do – I pulled out my credit card and ordered it. And after that, I asked for funding for an undergraduate research assistant for the summer so that the two of us could play with this new and shiny and oh so freaking cool device, and hopefully develop some awesome tools.

Sadly, however, the device isn’t being shipped until some point later this quarter. And so I wait. Not so patiently. Because it’s oh so freaking cool and shiny and new. Have I mentioned that yet?

Of course, I still haven’t told you anything about this thing which I’m waiting not so patiently to receive. For those curious, it’s called the Leap Motion Controller. Instead of telling you what it does, it’s probably best if you just watch the video below.

Trust me, it’s oh so freaking cool.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    How does that work??? Is it magic? It’s magic, isn’t it?

    1. dangillis says:

      Officially it’s science. Unofficially – totally magic.

  2. Jana says:

    well that just bring nerdiness to a whole new level

    1. dangillis says:

      Did you expect anything less? LOL.

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