Everyday Heroes

I am freezing.

Fortunately, I’m in the safety of my warm comfy home, in my warm comfy pants, enjoying the warmth of the wee fuzzball lying next to me, and savouring the extra hot tea I’ve just made. All told, a fantastic situation.

However, things could have been much worse.

You see, after another long day of work and meetings and other academic pursuits, I arrived home to realize I had no idea where my keys were. I spent several minutes checking and re-checking my pockets, searching the ground, checking my school bag – but to no avail. I know they didn’t just up and walk away, nor did they simply vanish into the ether; they’re out there, somewhere, waiting for me to find them. And find them I will.

But Dan, you’re in your house – how is that possible if your keys still need to be found?

Excellent point. You are correct – I am in my home, and my keys are still at large. Fortunately, like some sort of über boy scout, I am always prepared. In this case, always prepared means having friends who have copies of my keys. Specifically, friends who don’t mind getting late night texts that read Save me! It’s cold outside and there are wolves after me. Friends who, after receiving said pleas, will jump in their cars and head across town to deliver to me the very keys I am in so desperate need of.

Tonight my friend Mark – the Dr. Mark – came through for me in a big way, and reminded me how lucky I am to have such amazing friends in my life. So here’s to you Dr. Mark. You sir are a huge slice of awesome pie, and I owe you huge.

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