It’s Time

AtB – I’m coming for you.

In just over 6 weeks I’ll be lacing up to run the oldest race in North America; Hamilton‘s 30km Around the Bay. If you’ll recall, I ran this particular course last year in 2:53:12, despite fuelling myself with nothing more than a granola bar and a cup of coffee1.

This year, based on the lessons learned from last year’s run, I hope to finish with a better time. Assuming nothing crazy happens during the race, training and eating properly should be the key ingredients to accomplishing this goal.

With this in mind it’s clear to me that I really need to ramp up my training now. With 6 weeks to go, I can’t waste any time; the Around the Bay will be here before I know it. And I can’t forget that I’ve also signed up to run the Toronto GoodLife Marathon in May, and the Niagara 50km Ultra Marathon in June. Even if I don’t add any other races to my schedule between now and the Niagara 50km (which I might), I have a lot of mileage to cover to ensure that I run my best.

In short – it’s time to Suck it up Gillis, it’s time to train.

As such, I’ve drafted up the following rough weekend training schedule. This of course does not include the midweek runs that will naturally be part of the training. Items in bold represent races I am registered to run, while the remaining values represent the kilometres I propose to run over each weekend listed.

  • February 9/10 – 10.0km
  • February 16/17 – 15.0km/10.0km
  • February 23/24 – 21.1km/12.0km
  • March 2/3 – 16.0km/10.0km
  • March 9/10 – 26.0km/12.0km
  • March 16/17 – 21.1km/10.0km
  • March 23/24 – Hamilton Around the Bay 30km
  • March 30/31 – 26.0km/12.0km
  • April 6/7 – 21.1km/16.0km
  • April 13/14 – 24.0km/12.0km
  • April 20/21 – 21.1.0km/16.0km
  • April 27/28 – 34.0km/10.0km
  • May 4/5 – Toronto GoodLife Marathon 42.2km
  • May 11/12 – 30.0km/10.0km
  • May 18/19 – 42.2km/12.0km
  • May 25/26 – 30.0km/10.0km
  • June 1/2 – 44.0km/12.0km
  • June 8/9 – 21.1km/10.0km
  • June 15/16 – 16.0km
  • June 22/23 – Niagara Ultra Marathon 50km

If I keep to my training schedule I should run a total of 714.9km (which includes 16 half marathon distances or greater, and 4 full marathon distances or greater) between now and the finish line of the Niagara 50km, not including the distances I run during the week2. Holy crapshark, that’s a crazy load of kilometres.

Of course, life will inevitably get in the way – so as I mentioned above, this is all very draft form. I just have to keep in mind that I managed to log over 350km as part of my Goofy training. While 700+km seems like a lot of running, it works out to slightly more than double the distance, but spread out over 2.5 times the number of days.

I can do this. I will do this.

But first thing’s first – be warned Hamilton – I’m coming for you.

1 I’m what you’d call not the brightest bulb.

2 Thus I’d be able to cross off Run 1000km in 1 year3, and I could look towards completing the goal of Run 1610km in 1 year. I’d also be able to cross off Run 4 marathons in 1 year, Run a 50km race, Run more than 12 half marathons in 2013, and Run 18 half marathons in one year. I’d also be on my way to crossing off Run 24 half marathons in one year. Crazy!

3 As I’d have run 1066.9km between December 1, 2012 and June 22, 2013. Of course, this is all a very big if. It also doesn’t include weekday runs.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    As a McMaster grad, I have a special place in my heart for Hamilton and it makes me smile to hear that it is home to the oldest race in North America! I think I might have to put “Run the Around the Bay” onto my next 101 list!

    1. dangillis says:

      Absolutely. DO IT. DO IT NOW! We can run it together next year. Rick should run it with us as well.

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