Let The Shenanigans Begin

Where in the world am I going?

Several posts ago, I may or may not have mentioned my need to travel. I also may or may not have mentioned that I had no idea where I was going to go. Chicago, Vancouver, Calgary, New York, Montreal, Belize – all we’re likely candidates.

As the days ticked by and Reading Week approached I found myself unable to decide where to go. For a notorious wanderluster, that was weird. I always seem to know where my next trip will be, and if I don’t, I usually don’t take this long to decide.

Given the duration of my travel related indecisiveness, I started thinking that I might just head to the airport and decide my destination on the fly. Ha – see what I did there? Anyway, the as-last-minute-as-you-can-get type of travel has its drawbacks. The main one is not really knowing how to pack. Of course, the major advantage is that it is by its very nature, an epic adventure. This latter consideration, at least in my books, far outweighs the former drawback.

So here it is, Saturday night of Reading Week 2013. I have yet to buy a ticket. I haven’t packed a thing. And although I have narrowed my travel destination options, the official decision awaits the moment when I hand over my credit card to pay for the flight. Despite everything remaining up in the air and being very last minute and unorganized, I still have a big mischievous smile on my face. Why? Because regardless of where I’m going, I know that I should be in the air come Monday morning.

Where will my flight land? That’s a great question.

I’ll tell you once I get there.


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  1. That’s a nice one. Be sure to have fun! 🙂

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