Vegas Baby, Vegas!

This cartoon always makes me laugh.

Despite another flight delay – seriously, did I piss off the gods-o-flight? – I arrived in Vegas last night. I may have smelled of stale plane air, and every part of me may have been screaming to move from the seat in which I had been held captive for over 5 hours, but I had arrived in Vegas safe and sound.

But didn’t you just spend a week in New York? you might be asking while throwing daggers at me with your eyes.

Yes, yes I did.

But this trip could not be helped. You see, my friends Danny and Erin are getting married this weekend and I had to be here to celebrate with them.

Anyway, I’ve spent the morning in my excessively over-the-top suite because I had to finish up some reports. As such, my Vegas adventure hasn’t been nearly the sin-city-filled adventure that I would have expected given what one sees in the movies.

Or perhaps it has been. I’ll never tell. After all, the golden rule of Vegas is What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I wouldn’t be following that rule very well if I gave away all of my comings and goings while here. And we all know that I’m a man who follows the rules.



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