My Life Is Weird And Wonderful

So apparently I was a model for a day.

Just when you think life couldn’t get any more interesting and bizarre, someone asks you to be a model.

You know, if someone told me years ago that at some point in my life I’d be walking a runway, strutting my stuff, being all that and a bag of chips, I would have assumed they were insane, or possibly whacked out on crack. And yet there I was, only a few weeks ago, shaking what my momma gave me.

Okay, I may have strutted and I may have sauntered, but I wasn’t shaking anything. At least not intentionally.

The night – hosted by my friends Beth and Joel – was surreal and a lot of fun. It helped that I got to spend the evening with a bunch of great people, and getting dressed up in some sweet clothing didn’t hurt either. For those of you who might be interested, there are a couple more pictures below.

Of course, you may be wondering where that sweet clothing came from. Well, dear readers, it came from Grey Rock Clothing. If you’re in Guelph, you should go there and buy all of the things. Every piece of clothing sold there is ethical. That is, no sweatshops were involved. At any time. Ever.

Modelling. I guess I have something to fall back on if this Assistant Professor and Statistician thing doesn’t work out.

All of the best models giggle as they strut. True story.
This is my “deer caught in headlights” look. Apparently.

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    1. dangillis says:

      Thanks Dr. Beth 🙂

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