Just A Wee 30000 Tweets

Twitter – it’s good for you

So if I’ve timed this correctly, this post will become part of my 30000th tweet.

Holy hell.

Thirty thousand tweets. I can’t believe I had that much to say. Of course, I’m not going to pretend that it was all stellar. I’m sure far from it. Hopefully, though, I’ve managed to entertain or educate more than annoy or confuse.

But, this post isn’t really about me writing down my thoughts in 140 characters or less. It’s about Twitter in general.

When I started using Twitter back in the old time-y days of whenever the hell I started using it, I never expected it to be more than a communication tool with my friend Dr. Beth (whom just so happened to be the first person I followed on the Twitter).

That soon changed. It wasn’t long after I started tweeting that I met a group of individuals, all who lived in Guelph, who I might never have met otherwise. They were doctors of all sorts; they were computer geeks; they were photographers; they were writers. Some were number crunchers, some musicians, some athletes, and some who hadn’t worked out in a long time but were trying with every fibre of their being to be healthier. Others dabbled in personal finance, or mortgages, or nutrition. Some were restauranteurs. Some were geeks. Some were nerds. And some would argue that there was no difference between the two.

Despite the different paths that brought all of them to Twitter, the thing that became immediately obvious to me was the fact that these people were amazing. These people were the life blood of Guelph. They cared. They cared intensely. They cared about everything. They all had a vision that wanted to see Guelph moving, always moving, towards something better.

And I think that is why I kept tweeting – because it wasn’t just that there were people out there willing to listen to my random ramblings. It’s because there were people out there who cared about our city and the people who lived here. It’s because there were people out there who cared about making our world just a little bit better. And more than that, it’s because there were people out there who decided to actually do instead of just talk. 

So here’s to 30000 tweets, and here’s to 30000 more. But more than that, here’s to the amazing people I’ve met via the Twitter. Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for challenging me and supporting me when I decide to do crazy things. Thank you for reminding me that there are helpers in this world. Most importantly, thank you for inspiring me each and every day.

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