Remember That Time I Jumped From A Plane?

Just a wee dive.

While the video (embedded below) doesn’t do justice to the experience of leaping from a perfectly good airplane, I figured I’d share with you the adventure as it happened.

What I think you should take from this video, apart from the awesomeness of falling to the earth with only a thin piece of fabric protecting me from becoming a rather large splat/crater, are the following things:

  1. I was slightly hungover. My tandem instructor decided that meant he needed to whip me around in circles. He claims this was to make sure we landed where we were supposed to, but if I were him, I’d totally be doing it on purpose.
  2. The goggles and the extra-large space beanie that I was sporting truly are the sexiest things I’ve ever worn.
  3. It was damn cold up there. Damn cold.
  4. The instructor kept telling me of things he could see (like a glider). Sadly, without my glasses I had no idea most of the time to what he was referring.
  5. I really should have worn sunglasses. It was a beautifully bright day, which meant I was rather squinty.
  6. Look at the skin flaps fly! Holy hell, I’m glad we don’t experience that kind of wind on the ground. Flapping skin, albeit hilarious and such, is so not sexy.
  7. I did not select the music that came with the video.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s jump out of a perfectly good plane.


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