Dear Readers – I Need Your Help

Farm To Fork

Dearest Readers,

I’m going to phone it in a bit this eve. That’s correct, I’m not going to write a completely different post. Instead, I’m going to modify something that I just posted to Facebook. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Anyway, I know I’ve been yammering on a lot in the past few days, weeks, months about Farm To Fork and our constant requests for funding. That will stop soon. I promise. However, if you are interested in changing the way we deal with food security in this country – hell, in North America even – please consider donating to this program.

Farm To Fork will allow donors (you and me) to know exactly what items a food bank or pantry needs when they need it. Moreover, we’ll receive an email the day we go grocery shopping so we know in real-time what food is required. In this way, we’ll actually be able to donate fresh produce and meats, instead of the standard peanut butter, boxed processed whatever, or leftover canned bric-a-brac that sits in the back of the cupboard for an indeterminant amount of time.

The apps that we are also developing will take this one step further – giving those of us with mobile phones location-based notifications. The minute we walk into a grocery store, our phones will let us know what foods are needed at our food banks and pantries.

We have other ideas in mind as well, but even these simple tools will make a huge difference.

How so?

In short, Farm To Fork will allow those in need to receive healthy, nourishing foods – something we have an abundance of in North America. And yet, despite this, 1 in 40 Canadians go without. That number is appalling. It’s even more upsetting when you realize that we waste so much food. The average Canadian family throws away about $28 in food every week in the home. That doesn’t include restaurant waste.

We have enough food to feed everyone; we’re just not doing the best job we can to make sure that every last member of our society has it.

How else will Farm To Fork help?

Farm To Fork will allow food banks and pantries to have a consistent supply of food, instead of the feast and famine situation that typically occurs now. Imagine – a constant flow of fresh veggies and fruits; shelves stocked with products that aren’t one step up from fast food; food that will actually nourish the bodies and minds of the people who receive it.

To date, 70% of the funding goal from our campaign has been raised. We’ve made it to this point because of awesome people like you. We’ve also made it to this point because of amazing businesses who have recognized the potential of the Farm To Fork project. But we still need to raise about $4500. We need to do so by Sunday.

Much of the funds collected will cover the cost of students who have been volunteering their time to work on the project. They’ve been doing this in lieu of summer jobs – which they easily could have found – because this project means that much to them. But they also have tuition to pay, and I think they should be rewarded for doing something amazing.

Please consider donating whatever you can – $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. It doesn’t matter. Every dollar gets us that much closer to our goal.

If you can’t donate, please consider sharing this post. Email it to your family and friends. Send it to your boss, your grocer, your pastor – anyone who might be interested in helping out.

I wouldn’t be pushing this if I didn’t believe in it. But I know in my heart and in my gut that this program will make a huge difference. Please help us make it a reality.

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